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How does geotextile reflect the greening environment?

Editor:浙江吉航工程材料有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-01-18 

The greening ecological environment has always been called for by the whole world. Geotextiles have received great attention in this project. At the same time, the ecological slope protection engineering system adopts soft material construction flexible slopes, retaining walls, and completes reservoirs and slopes. Plane greening, real performance engineering to establish ecological green projects in the southern area, energy-saving, living, and deep breathing. The project does not require high-energy, high-contamination steel, lime, stone and other hard materials. It can also be used for vertical or vertical pen-steep rock slopes, drainage rivers and reservoir repairs.

What is the principle of using geotextiles for greening on slopes, slopes and high slopes?

First, the moisture can be convected in the soil of the bag and the bag.

This moisture is that the vegetation loses the required moisture in the long, and it will never cause fruit or water and soil loss due to rain or watering.

Second, geotextiles require a realistic seeding block for green plants.

The water is impervious to the soil, the grass can grow from the outside and grow in the name. It is very good for the vegetation. The roots of the vegetation can grow freely between the bag and the bag. The roots unite each geotextile and build it securely. An ecological slope forever.